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I was fortunate to find photography as an escape of my reality. photography was my alternative to delinquency. Turning your passion into your profession is a privilege not many youths have and I’m determined to change that. 

A lack of opportunity is a contributing factor for The knife crime epidemic we are facing in London today. I have partnered with a number of Not for profit organisation to develop a project working with youths aged between 13-17 to provide a 1 week course on the basics of photography providing platform and knowledgable resources in bringing fourth their passion to a reality.

Here are some images of the current work we are implementing throughout various communities.

In the procedure of taking someone from a lifestyle of gangs and violence we begin to sit down with them and discover what it is that they are passionate about and then assign them to a individual who is already performing in such a field for them to then be mentored and replicate what they have been taught in order to sustain themselves and in the future supply opportunities in locating jobs.